Phentermine Side Effects

Most drugs have side effects and very few drugs whether prescribed or not share the fortune of not having any side effects at all. Even the most mild of drugs has side effects with might be associated with improper use or just plain normal use. It is important that potential users of all drugs be aware of all side effects before attempting to take the drug. Phentermine is no different when it comes to side effects even the popular Herbal Phentermine and other no prescription Phentermine pills are liable to some side effects which users should be advised on before purchase.

Keeping this in mind the Phentermine side effects are hardly anything that signifies a cause for alarm. Certain people however may persist to claim otherwise and may perpetuate unfounded rumors. Potential or established Phentermine users might want to check these claims out with the FDA website and numerous online forums that have members who as using Phentermine diet pills as part of their weight loss regimen. It is very easy to clarify any concerns you might have is such places; if you have any further doubts you can still contact a medical expert for information.

These are some of the more common side effects that have been associated with the use of Phentermine, some few other Phentermine side effects have been noticed but they are all mild and very rare.

Heart Rate – An increase in heart rate may be noted with the use of  Phentermine this is primarily because Phentermine a class of the group of drugs known as amphetamines and these drugs cause a heightened state of alertness in the human body and as such  an increase in heart rate. This increase in heart rate may be detrimental to people with a history of cardiac related diseases but otherwise the use of Phentermine is safe.

Blood Pressure – With increased heart rate there is an increase in blood pressure this increase in blood pressure might affect those who are known to suffer from high blood pressure and they are advised to avoid Phentermine diet pills and seek other alternatives for weight loss.

Addiction – Amphetamines can become addictive to anyone who takes them frequently. Phentermine is one of such amphetamines and people are advised against indiscriminate use of the drug. Users are however called to note that addiction with Phentermine is on an equivalent level with addiction to paracetamol and other common drugs, even cough syrup can be addictive, just as eating bad food is addictive. Phentermine is not something that is so powerful that potential addiction cannot be controlled like illegal drugs.

Restlessness – A heightened state of alertness may result in restlessness which might affect the ability of the body to take some rest from daily activities.

Insomnia – With restlessness comes insomnia- the inability to sleep. Some users of Phentermine diet pills might find some difficulty sleeping if they use the drug frequently. To avoid this people are advised to take Phentermine in the mornings only.