Phen-Pro vs Phentermine

Newer drug combinations and cocktails that improve the efficiency of Phentermine are constantly being researched. The purpose of drug cocktails that involve Phentermine is to improve the speed of the weight loss process. Not all drugs however should be combined with Phentermine whether you buy Phentermine separately from the drugstore to combine it the desired drug or you buy a combination of Phentermine and another drug in composite tablet form.

The Phen-Pro combination of drugs consists of two parts – The Phentermine part and the Prozac part. Prozac is an anti-depressant which has its uses in the cure of depression and sleep related disorders by promoting the release of neurotransmitters which affect such functions. In the Phen-Pro combination the Prozac is not combined with the Phentermine because of its anti-depressant properties, there are other factors which govern the use of Prozac with Phentermine as a drug combination.

The effects of Phentermine diet pills are known to wear off in most patients after a standard period of use. The wearing off of Phentermine has to do with the body getting used to the effects of the drug, hence the appetite suppressant effects of the drug become nullified over time. Thus the person will feel as hungry as ever regardless of how many times they take the drug or not.  The period Phentermine loses its efficacy may range anywhere from 12 to 36 weeks. In some persons taking Phentermine diet pills the effects may wear off sooner than expected. Certain people are also required to take Phentermine diet pills over a longer period of time because they are exceedingly overweight. Such people stand to be adversely affected if the effect of the Phentermine wears off sooner than expected.

Researchers noted that when Prozac was taken in a mixture with Phentermine the effects lasted longer. In other words when Phentermine is combined with the anti-depressant Prozac its appetite suppressant effects are retained over a long period of time allowing the person taking the Prozac and Phentermine pills to achieve their weight loss goals much more easily. The  same effect was noticed even when Phentermine diet pills were combined with other anti-depressants such as Zoloft, Trazadone, Celexa, Effexor  or Luvox this combination is sometimes necessary as some people may react to Prozac  and wish to find an alternative. These drugs are all as effective as Prozac and in no way diminish the potency of the Phen-Pro cocktail.

The combination is classified for “off-label” use because it has not been granted approved by the FDA as a new drug for the treatment of obesity or related disorders. The restraint on this approval is due to the fact that the FDA approval for combination drugs usually requires a long testing period. No adverse effects have been noted however and it is hoped that the FDA will grant approval to the Phentermine Prozac combination in a very short time.